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People Skip Tracing and Advanced People Search Enquiries Across Australia and Internationally

Sharmans provide the most comprehensive and flexible Skip Tracing and location enquiry service available.

We offer a variety of skip trace solutions across debt and insurance recovery applications. We work closely with our clients to determine the best strategy possible to ensure that clients receive the most comprehensive, yet economical trace service possible.

Over the years we have developed a very large and comprehensive pool of resources and information sources, which is key to providing a comprehensive trace solution.

Our investigations are performed by career Trace Specialists who are highly skilled and have more than 30 years of combined experience. You can expect the best results and value for money when using our location services. Contact us for skip trace services in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne offices.

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    Why Choose Sharmans Tracing Services?

    Locate Hard-to-Find Persons
    Quick Identification Of Dead Leads
    Reduce Investigative Legwork
    Perform Due Diligence
    Reduce Collections Process Times
    Close Cases Faster

    Industries We Specialise In:

    • Legal Practitioners
    • Law Enforcement
    • Financial Services
    • Corporate Collections

    Skip Tracing Methods We Use:

    • Database Searches
    • Credit Report Searches
    • Public and Proprietory Records
    • Bankruptcy Searches

    % Skip Trace Success Rate by Client Sector


    Insurance & Finance

    Debt Collection

    *4/4 2017FY – Updated quarterly

    Skip Tracking FAQ’s

    What Is Skip Tracing?

    Skip Tracing is the service of locating an address for a witness, beneficiary or missing person who has moved or “skipped” from an address. Skip Tracing is conducted to locate persons for debt and insurance recoveries and to serve legal documents.

    Skip Tracing is a traditional term used within the debt collection industry, with industries such as private investigations these days opting to refer to their service as Location Enquiries or People (Skip) Tracing.

    How Is Skip Tracing and People Tracing Done?

    Skip tracing or alternatively people tracing is an investigative process that involves conducting electronic database and open source online information searches, as well as telephone and in-person enquiries to gather evidence to confirm a person’s new contact address. Depending upon the matter, a skip tracer may conduct telephone and in-person enquiries covertly or overtly.

    Many databases are available to skip tracers and licenced private investigators that include address and telephone number histories and assist with locating a person’s current address.

    The success of a skip trace will come down to the skip tracer’s ability to source, interpret and filter information, and their investigative ability to utilise that information to confirm an address.

    How Long Does Skip Tracing Take?

    The turnaround time of a skip trace will depend on the complexity of the matter. As a guide, Sharmans will return a skip trace report to a client on average within 14 days, however in most cases a report is provided in under 10 days.

    Sharmans have Urgent Skip Trace options where a report can be returned that same day.

    How much does Skip Tracing Cost?

    The cost of a skip trace will depend on several factors, but as a guide, the average cost of a comprehensive skip trace in Australia is approximately $350 – $500.

    Need to Find Someone Fast?

    Our Expert Skip Tracers Locate People across Australia and Internationally.