Launching new website, Introducing Exec and the Trace & Serve Blog.

Launching new website, Introducing Exec and the Trace & Serve Blog.

By on September 21st, 2017 • 2 min read

This year has been a busy year and very productive and progressive year for Sharmans.

We have continued to develop our services with the aim to deliver successful and consistent outcomes to our clients. We are currently working towards achieving new heights by improving upon our services, service delivery and infrastructure. Some exciting additions to our business will be made over the coming months. Stay tuned!

Today we launched our new website which sees the introduction of our new business, Exec. We have moved our specialised Pre-Employment Screening services to Exec Background Screening or “Exec”, which will remain a member of the Sharmans (Australia) Pty Ltd company. Exec will be managed by myself and will be taken forward by a new and experienced team of professionals. Separating our pre-employment screening service allows a more concentrated focus on each of our core services.

Exec is a new standard in pre-employment screening. A business we are very proud of after years of development – an innovation and step forward for the pre-employment screening industry.

I’ve long valued innovation and initiative in the workplace. It mobilisers change and plants the idea of change within a company which prepares and motivates staff to take on new challenges. It prevents a company and the company’s services from becoming stale or outdated. Sharmans Investigations and Process Serving is moving forward with new ideas and new initiatives, made possible by our ability to adapt and to be flexible. Our focus and goal has always been to be the company who achieves the best results. Innovating, taking initiative….adapting, is how we achieve this goal.

I will be commencing a new blog that will be published here, under the Blog tab of our website, called Trace & Serve. I have some very interesting and informative discussions planned so please check back regularly. I will also be posting a link to the blog articles on my LinkedIn page, so if we aren’t already connected, please add me as a connection.

-Neil Sharman, Managing Director of Sharmans (Australia) Pty Ltd.

To get in contact with Neil about Sharmans, Exec, or anything else you wish to discuss, feel free to send him an email him at

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