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Field Calls

Our Field Call service is managed through our Process Serving Division which has a proven track record for providing efficient and comprehensive services in the field. Sharmans agents are all trained to undertake in depth questioning, detailed observations and discreet enquiries where necessary.

Our Field Call service is tailored to individual clients and is utilised by our clients for many reasons including:

  • Collection of Debts:
  • Confirming the location of a person of interest;
  • Occupancy Reports for Mortgagee Repossessions;
  • Obtaining photographic evidence;
  • Identifying the names and locations of witnesses; and
  • To deliver Letters of Demand and other legal correspondence when service is not required.

Sharmans work with our clients to develop a set of processes that best suits the type of work being performed. We avoid providing a generic Field Call service and ensure we are providing a customised and streamlined service to get the results our clients are seeking.

Our national reach ensures that we can cover most areas of Australia efficiently and economically.

As with our Process Servers, all agents performing Field Calls for Sharmans, whether they are employees or contractors, undergo regular compliance training and also undergo additional training as a part of our quality assurance program.

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